Things to Consider about Simple Modern House


Simple modern house is chosen by many people recently because they love to keep their home simple. There is no doubt that there are various kinds of home design which can be chosen but we can make sure that many of them love the modern design a lot for their home because it will be suitable to the available space. Many people have to deal with limited home space and they have to make sure that they choose the modern design for keeping everything simple and functional without making the house look cramped. To get the home design which is modern and simple, there are some things which must be considered.

Slab Door

It is sure that the modern design can be all about simplicity but it does not mean that people will not be able to find the details in this kind of design. There are some details which can be found when people consider creating simple and modern house. Slab door must be one detail which must not be ignored. The slab door will have the pivot hinges installed in the floor and the door frame head. This detail is used for creating the door which is flush with the home wall.

Storefront Glazing System

When people are talking about simple modern house, there is another characteristic which can be identified. It must be storefront glazing system which comes with aluminum frame which can give much larger glass expanses within the supports profile which is smaller. The glazing system can be found from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. This system is used often for the storefronts and it is very crucial for maximizing the glazed area. This will make people need to prepare more budgets for the glass as well as glazing for the storefront.

Low Roof

The next characteristic which can be found from the modern design of architecture of course is the roof which is flat or has low slope. Because of this characteristic, people have to pay great attention to the roofs. There is no doubt that the roof can have leaking problem if it is not constructed or detailed properly. Installing the downspouts or gutters can be a choice for preventing the leaking problem but it can ruin the look of the modern design of the house. In this circumstance, parapet must be considered for making sure that there is no leaking problem with the simple modern house