The Best House Plans 2018


Everyone must have a dream house. Modern houses are one of the most popular by the people today. The modern house has an elegant and minimalist architectural style. But other architectural styles such as country, southern, Victorian, classic, and contemporary are also quite interesting. The choice of house plans vary widely. Below you will find out more information of the best house plans 20178

Best House Plans Based on Architectural Style

Based on the style of the most popular home architecture in 2018 is a modern house type, southern, contemporary and minimalist house. Modern house style has its own charm with elegant architectural design. In addition, this style house is also most used by people both for private homes and businesses. This type of southern house is an option for those of you who live in Europe or America. This type of house is a suitable house with the climate in the country 4 seasons. This house has a foundation higher than the ground so it will be safer when the winter is snowy. Contemporary homes are the third choice that is quite popular among the people. This house has a budget that varies and is suitable to be built on various continents in the world. Minimalist house is a great choice for those of you who only live with a partner or do not live with large families. This house has a nice and simple architectural style.

Best House Plans Based on Foundations

Best house plans based on foundations are divided into basement, crawl space, slab, and pier. Basement and crawl space foundation is the most flexible and profitable if you have a car or motorcycle. Pier and beam is often made by house builders because it is cheaper and easy to build. You can save more budget if you make a house with this type of foundation. Foundation is based on the needs and location where you will build the house. This Foundation is also important to determine because a strong foundation can make your home more durable.

Based on the text above, you now get more information about the best house plans 2018. You can specify a house plan based on your needs, your budget, and the land area. If you live alone or with a partner then you can choose a small house for easier maintenance. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. Go choose a house plan option right now!

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