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Simple contemporary house plans are an important factor for building a home. If you want to build a house, then you can consider the design that suits your place. The world has a variety of weather and soil conditions. Maybe you live in a town or a village. This is the factor that should be your consideration. You can consult with architecture to plan your home construction. Home is a place that can eliminate your fatigue. Home should be a comfortable place for you. The first step to building a home is planning.

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Design Features

This is a building design with the master bedroom. Bed robes and comfortable place is something you want from this house. The house has an open kitchen and living room with a skyline that looks like a church. The kitchen and living room will blend in and become the most comfortable room to accompany your guests. The bathroom is in the right part. The plan for the floor looks simple with long blocks. You choose two size options consisting of 3 or 2 bedrooms. You can plan that best suits your needs. The plan already puts a car garage into your home. The room will look beautiful with a proper ceiling line. The room can be added with a high-visible modern ceiling. This will make your home look spacious. An extra highlight window can be added to the room. This room can accommodate two adults. If you choose 3 bedrooms, then you should provide a glass on the middle page to make your home look spacious.

House Materials

The concept of a contemporary home should use material that can accentuate contemporary impressions. Construction of the veneer may use inverse bricks for the location you want. Concrete slabs can provide high thermal levels for your home. You need high-quality glass to provide natural light in winter. Maybe this glass must be connected with the living room that is outdoors. The most important factor of this house is the living space. This is an open space that can give you the convenience to set up furniture. Maybe you need a big roof so your house can adjust the climate in your area. You must have windows in the west and east to benefit from the sun in the summer. Doors and windows that can open wide will provide a good level of ventilation for you. The window can be opened with a sliding door located in the north. The natural components that can make your home become natural are wood, brick, and stone. That is the explanation of simple contemporary house plans.

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