Nigerian House Plans and Designs: Recommendations for Nigerian House Designs


Architecture is something great that we mostly observe everyday, however it is still an great art. Modern architecture is a good variation; therefore there are many beautiful designs in Nigeria which can be your inspiration. If you are looking for Nigerian house plans and designs, then recommendations bellow can be your best one.

Here, recommendations for Nigerian house designs:

Bungalow Style

Nigerian bungalow house becomes popular design in lower class because its relatively cheaper and easy option to build. However the latest bungalow design in Nigeria is so different from simple and moderate house plan as well. Modern bungalow is one of best way to remove yourself from civilization and enjoy your nature with your family. So, the Nigerian bungalow typically has 4 bedrooms which also great to accommodate your family members.

Duplex style

Modern duplex style in Nigeria can be described as a house which is divided in 2 apartments. This is one of creative idea that you can apply in your house. Duplex style also a best choice for big family, because it allows you to get closer each other, while isn’t touch each privacy as well. This house plan is usually including of two separate for entrance doors in each apartment. The building also has 2 floors and each apartment was completed with everything for living, such as: kitchen, bathroom and more. So, two apartments were separated completely or having sharing rooms.

Contemporary style

This design house is the unique and simple shape to create the modern feeling to the exterior. These houses usually have the flat roofs and many size boxes that put together randomly/ this style was unusual and original, so sometimes can create something different. If you want something away from the crowd, so this design suit for you.

Glass house style

This design is great option for house which is located in such an open space with great view. The main feature is the big glass panel walls which were typically located in dinner or living room. Although it will expose the occupants into the outside, however this design also allows you to get nature light in your house.

Mansion style

There are many Nigerian house plans and designs are pretty expensive and this one was close with the most expensive. Mansions were often made with that excessive and show their wealth of homeowners. This design was featured by large area and the house design has many rooms with plenty spaces for guest as well.