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Modern Houses with Plans 100sq: Get Your Best Small House Plan


There are so many small home plan collections which also contain of many design styles as well. There are many houses with small floor plans, such as: cabin, cottage and ranch home can be your great starter as well. the simple fact that these homes were come in small size and only need less materials to make them as the affordable home plans that you can choose to build as well. So, there are many ideas that you can get in your modern houses with plans 100sq as well. There are many recommendation for it, even you can discuss with your house builder to achieve you simple dream house. If you want something else, there are many designs are available, such as: bungalow, traditional, European, craftsman, countryside and more. So, you can choose the house plans that provide you with plans under 1300 sq, of course in wide range styles as well. you can check their blueprints fost to represent their works before.

Here some recommendations for simple modern house:

Ludenio style

Ludenio style is fit in measuring at 15 meters by 10 meters. You can choose two tone colors that can be your great ideas. This home comes in 2 floors:

First floor:

–       Dining room

–       Living room

–       Water closer

–       Kitchen

Upstairs floor:

–       Balcony for relax space

–       Two bedrooms featured with one shared bedroom

–       One for master bedroom with the master bathroom

The ground floor space is 53 of square meters and the first floor is around 60 of square meters.

Countryside style

As mentioned before that your small house can be designed in countryside style. You can add the cultured stone finish around 75 centimeter as the exterior wall and wood sifting as well. So, it will make perfect match in your countryside lifestyle, of course with modern featured.

Sun Flower Style

So, this is also modern design that you can choose. As we know that sunflower is so great and elegant, you can go with two toned colors for external wall with yellow color. Yellow is happy color much like the sunflower as well.

–       Two bathrooms

–       Master bedrooms in 6 meters by 4 meters

–       Two bathrooms

–       Dining room

–       Living room

–       Entryway

–       Elevated kitchen

So, those recommendations above can be your one best favorite to establish your modern houses with plans 100sq.