Elegant and Beautiful Modern Simple Ceiling


Modern Simple Ceiling. The ceiling is an upper interior within a house which covers the overhead part below the rooftop. The ceiling might not be a part where a person or people usually pay attention to but due to today modern perfectionist view, the ceiling also plays an important part in the structural design in our house. The design of the ceiling in this modern era already have plenty of different variations available. Especially in a high class building which prioritize the design for comfort and elegant such as a hotel, the ceiling usually would be designed with a theme or a unique design which represent the hotel building itself. But in this article, we will not cover and discuss about the luxurious and elegant ceiling which usually a hotel has but only covers the elegant and beautiful modern simple looking ceiling which you could possibly afford in your own home.

Simple Modern Home Ceiling Design

The commonly used ceilings in a residential houses is the fire resistant dropped ceiling. To prevent the roof from falling and crumbling directly, usually the ceiling is made fire resistant and from a sturdy structure. Be sure when constructing the house make sure that the ceiling is not too close to the ground because If the ceiling is too close to the ground, then it would make the house feel little bit cramped. By designing the ceiling, we can hide the irregularities, cracks, or the flaws which usually appear in the ceilings. Usually the simple tiles design is being used in the ceiling.

Simple Ceiling Care

In maintaining the ceiling, variation of ceiling maintenance product can be used depends on the ceiling lining product materials used. For home ceiling with a tiles with the surface film, the ceiling can be easily maintained and washed with detergents. Not only due to the easy wash characteristics, the ceiling tiles design also allow for the possibility of self-mounting which would mean the unnecessary for calling a professional for it results in budget saving.

Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceiling is also one of the common and popular ceiling design used by architect during the modern house construction process. Suspended ceiling structures integrated with elegant lighting and beautiful hanging lamp makes an amazing mixture of interior compositions to the house. With suspended ceiling, the unusual geometry of design also become the possible option for the house design. For example, the suspended structure round shape of the ceiling can bring beauty, elegance and modern sensation to the room. Hopefully by reading this short article, you will gain a bit of extended knowledge on the design of modern simple ceiling. Visit also : Round Dining Tables