The Best Contemporary Building Elevation Design


Contemporary Building Elevation Design Elegant 12 Most Amazing Small Contemporary House Designs

Contemporary building elevation design can be built to your liking. There are a variety of designs appropriate for buildings with contemporary styles. This article provides some designs that can fulfill your desire to get a contemporary style with a unique design.

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Cliff House Design

The basic idea of ​​this house is to make the house disappear because it cannot be seen from the entrance side. This house is hiding underground. The upper part is a beautiful modern green garden. This park can enter the light into the house. This house has a transparent glass to enter the main room. This is the right inspiration to get a house with a unique style in Seattle. This house does not have a large size but it makes the house look interesting. Beautiful parks may contain you unaware that this is a house.

Walk Street Design

The design has original ideas dating from 1930. The case study program in California has a lot of training to observe the style of the house which is called a contemporary style. There are many homes that are influenced by this style. This style uses a semi-modern design that is rarely found in residential architecture. You have the inspiration to overhaul your home exterior. Wooden houses will look boring without elevation with the right style. The first part is a board made of wood. The stairs leading to the inside of the room make this house look beautiful. Lighting this house is located on the lights on each of the stairs.

Exterior One

If you know Legos, then you will immediately remember the game when you see the design of this house. This house chose a white color to show the natural impression. This house has an elevation shaped like Legos. This house consists of a small cube that blends perfectly. Cubes are piled up and form a unique building. This house is in Boston. The view in front of this house is green grass and reeds. This house presents two different stories because of the combination of a soothing nature and a strong building.

Bluff House Design

This house has a high foundation to withstand flooding. The foundation is made with a large window so that the flow will flow on the sidelines of the window. This window is used so that the house gets a good circulation. Ordinary homes only have a windowless foundation but the architecture of this house thinks of great design. The advantage of this window is that water will not hit the house with great power. Water can flow to the back of the house. This house is in Atlanta. You will be amazed at the contemporary building elevation design.

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