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Architectural House Designs: How to choose your house plan?


If you are considering buy house plan online, you should know that there are many companies in online stock home plan sell their plans which sometimes do not include all of necessary information needed in order to build your house safely. The details of your construction drawings were so important, so ensure that your new house was built by using architectural house designs in proper building methods and structural as well. So, ensure that your house designer has the high standard approval policies that make you feel safety.

How to choose your best house plan?

Structural sizing

It is necessary that all plans sold will include all of structure sized, such as:

–       Roofs were designed to be trussed or stick framed. Ensure that they show you all of rafter size and bearing points as well.

–       All of the girders, floor beams, ceiling beams and headers as well.

–       Ensure that your house plan is guaranteed to meet with International Residential Coder (IRC)

Additional engineering

In some regions, there are other steps that you need to decide to ensure that your house plan was fitted with local codes as well. Despite of all of the inclusive structures, there are some areas that need additional engineering requirements. So, you are able to hire the state licensed structural engineer to analyze your architectural house designs and give your additional drawings which might required by your local building department as mentioned above. If you are not sure, building department usually have a list for items that they need to submit to obtain your building permission.

Foundation site plan

Ensure that foundation plan was been designed for universal conditions and do not only handle in certain conditions. It was recommended to take the soil sample from your site to be tested. You should know that foundation must be modified by local structural engineer to adjustment with recommendation of testing laboratory. Beside you purchasing a house plan, you might also need a site to shows where your house being located. Your builder or surveyor can help you in this step.  You might also need to get specific architectural house designs as well.

Return Policy

Ensure that your house builder offer you with return policy, you should check it carefully and point something necessary as well. Building you new house is easy thing when you find a house builder who knows what you want and need.