4 Bedroom House Plans Indian Style: Room for Big Family


4 Bedroom House Plans Indian Style Elegant 4 Bedroom House Plans Indian Style

4 Bedroom house plans Indian style has a unique concept. This design will look like a luxurious villa. Indian style is influenced by interior design and exterior with a bustling pattern. The pattern will look beautiful at the entrance to your home. Your house will have two entrances. The main door to formal life and the second door is on the car terrace for your family.

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This house has the right slope with a contemporary style. This house has a ground floor for the normal living area. This house has a dining room, kitchen, living room, and work area. The first floor has two bedrooms and a dressing room. The second floor has an open terrace and a balcony. The cost of production depends on the material used to build this house. These costs may be affected by government taxes, cleaning costs, contractor profits, project management, manpower, and location of the project. You can contact the project estimator to estimate the cost of building this house.

Interior Design

This is the part that needs a lot of consideration. The cost of designing the room depends on the government taxes, materials, and decoration work you want for your home. Maybe you want a house with a regular exterior but has a luxurious interior look. This is not a characteristic of Indian homes. Indian style has a design that looks luxurious inside and outdoors.

Basic and Main Floor

If you want four bedrooms, then you can build a house with two floors. The ground floor has two bedrooms and the second floor also has two bedrooms. This is a fair share but this plan can change. You can build all the bedrooms on the second floor. The ground floor is only used for common parts such as kitchen, living room, dining room, and so forth. You can also put one bedroom for guests on the ground floor. The upper floors are used for three bedrooms.

Indian Style

Roofs and wooden poles can be characteristic of Indian homes. You can put the sofa in light blue and white in the living room. You can also add a lounge chair in the room. Shades of wood and bright colors can be found in Indian-style homes. Traditional houses use red and wooden chairs in the living room. If you do not like striking colors, then you can give a white color to your bedroom but you can put a pillow with a variety of colors and motifs to add the impression of India in your bedroom. That’s the design of 4 bedroom house plans Indian style.

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